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Sentimental Circus. "Yugure Hotel" Plush Toy M-size Shappo San-X JP LTD Original


The 31st Sentimental Circus is the story of a mysterious hotel that appears at dusk when you are lost in thought. The manager, hotel staff, and maids will soothe your lonely heart.

A stuffed toy (M) from the theme of "Bouquet from Yugure Hotel" is now available!

Shappo dyed in the twilight.

Soft to the touch, you will be healed by the fluffy material ♪

The collar can be removed, so put it on your favorite stuffed animal!


Sitting size: about 290 x 190 x 155 mm

Made of curly soft boa

Chappo Plush toy (M) Evening Hotel to Flower Bouquet "Sentimental Circus"

SKU: 4184148289861
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