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Not a well know anime but a well loved one. Nathan Seymour of Tiger and Bunny is one of my favorites. This small charm set is by chara forutune a Japan imported item. 


 Nathan grew up in what seemed to be an all-boys boarding school. Throughout their youth, Nathan was bullied and shunned for displaying interest in feminine things like rings and makeup. Boys would vilify and harass Nathan for expressing interest in them. Even Nathan's parents seemed to resent their child. At some point before the series, it seemed that they tried to present themself much more femininely, growing out their hair and wearing dresses. This probably made Nathan afraid as when it's shown, Nathan remembers being glared and gawked at by people as they passed by.[6] Nathan has stopped presenting themself in such a flamboyant style. However, Nathan still views themself as feminine and enjoys being considered one of the girls, and has accepted themself as they are.

Tigar & Bunny Nathan Seymour Charms

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